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We are in-company language training


The Advantage Training System

Efficient course organization guaranteed from beginning to end

Presentacion of Results

Full report on the attendance, progress and results of the participants. Completion of information required for la Fundación Tripartita training subsidy. Planning for next course

Language Audit

Spoken and written Level tests to focus the course on specific needs. 11 official levels

Setting Needs & Objectives

Meeting with HR. Presentation of language audit results, and setting course contents and specific objectives


Skills Focus Focus on spoken skills depending on the job post. Constant recycling during the course

Practical training

in the profesional skills areas: Socialising, Meetings, Presentations, Phone calls, Emaling, etc.

Continuous evaluation and Feedback

Tight control of student progress and attendance with reporting to HR based on course objectives


End of term and course exam with individual and group reporting. Quality survey evaluating course and training