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We are in-company language training


Open your business to the world with the best training you can get

Advantage Business offers a wide range of services and products for language training, to make sure you and your company find exactly what you need.

Cursos generales
General Courses:

Extensive: From 3 to 9 months.
Intensive: From 1 day to 3 months.

Cursos por teléfono
Telephone courses:

Made to measure courses: Includes phone calls from 20 minutes various times per week, with feedback after the sessions.

Professional Skills Training
Professional Skills Training (PST):

In the business world, it’s not always enough to have a good level of English. You also need specific professional skills such as Presentations, Meetings, Negotiations, etc, in line with the demands of multinational companies and international markets.

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PST is designed for executives who hold important posts in companies and often with international responsibilities.
 The courses can be between 3 and 18 hours depending on the needs of the client and may be delivered in one or various sessions. For preparing presentations or important meetings, 2-hour sessions are extremely useful. The minimum recommended level for these courses is Intermediate.
The main courses we offer are:
Executive Presentation Skills, Executive Meetings Skills, Executive Negotiation Skills and Teleconference Skills.

Total Inmersión Advantage
Total Inmersió Advantage:

These courses have been designed for groups or individuals who require fast short-term progress. With Advantage Total Immersion courses the focus is on communicative skills including fluency, listening skills and gaining overall confidence. The teachers are specialised and experienced in these type of courses. The courses include breaks and meals (if all day) in English with the teachers so that the student can make the most efficient use of the course.

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The minimum recommended level for these courses is Intermediate.
These courses can be done in 4 venues:

  1. In your company.
  2. In our modern, fully equipped centre in Barcelona.
  3. In a hotel: Recommended for courses at the weekend or that last one week. The student is totally immersed in the language for the duration of the course.
  4. Abroad: In tried and trusted language schools selected by us. We recommend staying in host families to take maximum advantage of the language opportunity.
Servicio de pruebas de nivel
Level Testing / Interviewing Service

Advantage offers this service to support HR departments who need a 100% guaranteed official method of knowing an employee’s or candidate’s level.  We offer two services:

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TOIEC Tests:  We are an official TOIEC centre in Barcelona. These tests, which are focussed on business and companies, give an official score that let you know if an employee has the recommended level for the job post. 

Level Tests and interviews for candidates: We evaluate a job candidate’s language level as part of the selection process. After the level test we send a report with the official level.


In House Teacher
Friday Forum / Workshops:

Dynamic and interactive workshops on relevant topics.

In House Teacher
English Bites:

Classes at the dining table of the company or in a restaurant.Enjoy your meal!

Cursos personalizados
Made to Measure Courses (1-1):

These bespoke 1-1 courses are for business people who have specific needs and require a flexible timetable. These courses are the best option for students with these requirements.

E-learning Platform On-line / Blended:

This is an online platform with courses that combine perfectly with Face to Face or Telephone classes (Blended Learning). It offers 100% timetable flexibility combined with a tutor who lends support and motivates the student. We recommend this above online courses alone.

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The advantages of our platform are:

  • Online level testing at the beginning of the course.
  • Provision of tutorials to get the most out of the course with clear personalized reachable objectives for each student.
  • Courses can be done anywhere in the world.
  • Each course is graded and customised to the student and the needs of each company.
  • Intelligent Correction helps to motivate the student.
  • A Virtual Tutor who interacts with the student.
  • A Virtual Classroom, where the student attends classes in real time with other students and a tutor. 
  • A voice recognition system to improve pronunciation.
  • A management system to monitor attendance, progress and results with evaluations during and at the end of the course.
  • A final exam with a certificate awarded at the end of the course.
  • Reports for the HR department that give both an overview and a detailed breakdown of progress and improvements. 
Specific skills course
Specific skills course - oferta de cursos específics:

These Courses have a specific duration and aim to cover specific needs over a wide range of jobs and sectors. Recommended minimum level: Pre-Intermediate. 

Further information

  • Basic Presentation Language and Skills
  • Basic Meetings Language and Skills
  • Basic Negotiating Language and Skills
  • Telephone and Teleconference skills
  • Writing and correspondence Skills
  • Socializing and Networking skills
  • English for Personal Assistants
  • English for Receptionists

Courses for specific sectors and professionals:

  • English for the Hotel and Tourist sector
  • English for the Restaurant and Food sector
  • English for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • English for the Medical Profession
  • English for Engineers
  • English for Architects
  • English for Banking
  • English for the Insurance Sector
In House Teacher
In House Teacher:

This is an alternative that may suit certain companies, whereby a teacher is assigned to the company during a certain time period and specific days. During this period the teacher is available to give classes, solve language doubts, correct documents, etc. It gives companies flexibility and the opportunity to take advantage of a language professional during the whole time the teacher is present.

In House Teacher
Advantage Executive Language Centre:

Extensive and intensive courses in our center of Barcelona. Taught by native and specialized teachers, the courses have content, agenda and approach to business English. The courses are compatible with the state subsidy (Fundacion Tripartita). We can manage the process for this.