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The Advantage Methodology is the result of more than 25 years teaching languages. During the first interview and through the needs analysis we discover your language profile, or linguistic DNA. Based on this we design a customised course for you according to your level, age, motivation, strengths and weaknesses, learning style and reasons for learning a language.

The methods that oblige you to learn in a certain narrow way can hamper your learning, especially if you don’t feel comfortable. There are many methods which have become popular and are based on “listen and speak but don’t take notes”, which make processing and retaining the information difficult. Other popular methods get you to repeat phrases like a parrot out of context and without knowing what you are saying, especially the listen and translate ones. These methods can seem appealing and fun even, but they are simply marketing gimmicks and won’t help you make any progress in the medium to long term.


Using what we’ve learned from psychology studies and NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), we know that the most effective way to learn a language is to use and combine the senses of seeing, hearing and feeling to be able to cover all the major learning styles. Personally, I like to see things written down and take notes. It helps me memorise the new language more easily. At Advantage, you’ll learn with our method and your own learning style.

Our methodology, Total Active Communication, is 100% communicative. We use the language you are learning at every opportunity depending on your level. Using the Scaffold and Build technique, we gradually take away the linguistic scaffolding (explanations in your language – the most efficient, effective and natural way of learning new concepts), until we do it totally in the target language. Using the student’s language is a great resource and an advantage when used with our methodology.

MetodologíaThe system we use in our classes is  INPUT – OUTPUT – REVIEW (see chart).
In the first part of the class after reviewing the previous day’s language, we present the new theme, and in a controlled environment you experiment with it focussing on spoken and written accuracy (INPUT).
In the following part of the class, the focus is on using what you have learned during communication activities through simulations and role plays to gain in confidence and fluency. The teacher is there to guide you and give feeback on your errors and good language use (OUTPUT).
The session ends with feedback and a review of the class to consolidate the lesson. Each class is linked to the framework of the Course Plan and Objectives you choose, so you know where you are and where you still have to get to (REVIEW).

To work effectively, our experienced native teachers use a methodology which is Dynamic, Fun and learning focussed so that coming to class is something you look forward to. And with our small groups, you’ll receive personal attention and have greater opportunities to speak and therefore make faster progress.

With Advantage, you'll notice the difference.

To sum up...

  • The student language profile (Linguistic DNA). Each student is different. That’s why we create course plans around the student language profile: level, aims, motivation, previous knowledge, strengths and weaknesses and learning style.
  • Total Active Communication Method, 100% communicative and using our INPUT – OUTPUT – REVIEW system (see graphic).
  • SCAFFOLD & BUILD METHOD - we take away the scaffold gradually (explanations in your language) until you understand them perfectly in the target language. It speeds up learning.
  • COURSE PLAN AND OBJECTIVES to meet the needs of every student.
  • NATIVE SPEAKER TEACHERS. With specific qualifications and experience.
  • SMALL GROUP to maximise personal attention, exposure to the language and your potential to practise in the class


The general methodology framework

The Course Plan and Objectives are based on the level and needs of each student in particular and the group in general.

Marco general del método

Procedure and system in a typical class using the Advantage Methodology

Formato general de una clase típica con el método Advantage